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Abu Kafan, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Abu Kafan North

Diving Abu Kafan north is to begin with a little bit like Elphinstone but the plateau itself has somewhat more dramatic topography with a few pinnacles and big coral blocks. The main reef drops down to about 18m and on the west side there is a tall pinnacle reaching for the surface. […]

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Shaab Saiman, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Located at the north tip of Abu Soma this dive site is extremely exposed to weather and wind. It’s often not possible to go here which makes a dive at this site even more special. There is a huge ridge of hard coral right outside main reef and in between runs a canyon from […]

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Panorama Reef, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Panorama South

Panorama is called Um Alama by Egyptian seamen. This means mother of signals and refers to the two beacons (Fanous) on top of the reef. At the south end of this oval shaped reef you will find the classic Red Sea Plateau stretching out from a depth of 16 metres to about 35 […]

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