Accommodation Safaga

Shaab Shear, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Shaab Shear East & Al Kahfain
This is a slightly crescent shaped reef stretching on an east-west axis where dives are made on both ends. To the north of the reef the wreck after Al Kahfain, a 115m long 6000 ton Ro-Ro car- and passenger ferry, built by Camell Laird in 1967 at Birkenhead for […]

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Tobia Kebir, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

This dive site can either be made as a drift dive or stationary dive from the mooring and before deciding on the dive plan you should check the current. Most of the time you’d chose to go from the boat stationary on the mooring. When you descend you will find yourself over a flat […]

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3 Turtles Launches 6 Room Accommodation in Safaga

Launched on 9 January 2015 our new Guest House awaits you, just two minutes walk from the marina. We call this series of six guest rooms Cocoon. Why? For its simplicity, but also for comfort. Minimal design to the extreme, simple furnishings selected from clear and vibrant tones.

Everything is clean and perfect to help you […]

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Ras Abu Soma North, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

There are two mooring lines allowing boats to tie up just out of reach for the house reef divers jumping in from the jetty in Soma Bay. This dive can be made from the boat and back but it’s better as a drift dive. When you drift you will start right on the corner […]

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Tobia Noss, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Noss means half but it can also be used as a description for “in the middle” or “half way”. In the name Tobia El Noss it describes the location half way between Tobia Kebir and Tobia Soraya. With the right conditions and current you can drift the whole way from the north end of […]

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Panorama Reef, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Panorama South

Panorama is called Um Alama by Egyptian seamen. This means mother of signals and refers to the two beacons (Fanous) on top of the reef. At the south end of this oval shaped reef you will find the classic Red Sea Plateau stretching out from a depth of 16 metres to about 35 […]

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Salem Express, Safaga, Red Sea, Egypt

Built and launched as Fred Scamaroni in France 1966. Sold to El Salaam tour line and renamed Salem Express. The captain of Salem Express was well known for his skills and experience. He was also one of the few who confidently navigated the “shortcut” passing the Hyndman Reef into Safaga harbour saving almost an […]

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